Advise and consultancy

We offer you consultancy in radical parts of information technology – starting with selection of suitable software and technical equipment, security and monitoring of current and new infrastructure and with project realization finishing.

Hardware and software equipment

We advise you which of technical of software solution is suitable for your working and other needs and we suggest you effective and budget price solution for trouble free run. Thanks to experience we are able to suggest you equipment according to concrete needs both for Microsoft products and GNU/Linux.

Feasibility study for software project

We are able to offer you consultancy in preparation phase of software project realization. With top view of specialist we judge your requirements and expectations from planned project, realization and possible alternatives from both economic and technical point of view. We manage to advise you with technology selection for successful run and other project progress.

Security Audit

We create and help you with realization of security rules both in term of protection from unauthorized access to system from external or internal network and in term of data security at technical or software failure. We are able to suggest you suitable method of data backup, security data encryption, data recovery and data destruction or by contrast safe data sharing with more users or customers. We verify correct adjustment of your system eventually adjustment of application so called made-to-measure including monitoring of source codes of your own software setting. We analyze possible security risk of software equipment and suggest you alternative security measures both proposal of new security components and even adjustment of current configuration.