Implementation and adjustment of Open Source solutions

We believe, that suitable OpenSource solution which fully meet your requirements is available, there is no need to develop own application.

Integration and implementation of OpenSource software provide to our customer opportunity, how to decrease costs for project development or to reduce realization time and decrease risks at own solution development.

If you want to use OpenSource solution for you business we find the best alternative and implement it for you. In case of need we can adjust it for your satisfaction.

What is OpenSource software?

OpenSource software is created with philosophy to computer program which has available source code and there is possible use it for commercial or non-commercial purpose at licence keeping where is this program created and distributed. OpenSource software is in most cases developed by large range of developers and OpenSource software is used of large community who are shared on testing.

What we offer in the sphere of OpenSource software

We offer to customers in the sphere of OpenSource following services:

  • Searching of suitable OpenSource program according to requirements of customer and of realized project.
  • Implementation of solution to your company processes.
  • Adjustment and Adaptability to customer requirements.
  • Users training for using of OpenSource.

Advantages of OpenSource software?

Basic advantages of OpenSource software is source codes and rights for modification availability. Other advantages on the part of customer are:

  • Rapid application development and finalization of.
  • Minimalization of costs for implementation and software adjustment.
  • Software is thanks to users community tested and developed.
  • No licence fees and restrictions for one seller/developer.

Types of OpenSource software which we can implement

There is possible to find solution i.a. in following areas:

  • Editorial and blogging systems.
  • Systems for E-shops, electronic business.
  • Planning and management of company processes. Application for project management.
  • Aplikace pro projektov√Ĺ management.
  • Many other types for software applications.