Design and implementation of IT infrastructure

To provision of reliable and trouble-free run of key information systems in company we need to build stable, available and security IT infrastructure. We understand under the term IT infrastructure connection of hardware and software products and solution that all users kept at disposal in your computer workstation it means high-efficiency, safety and manageable atmosphere.

IT infrastructure can be divided to following parts:

Servers solution

Servers and data storage are heart of each IT infrastructure. Long life experiences in this sphere provide us proposal of optimal solution in term of needs and customer possibilities in term of cost minimalization at keeping sufficient security, availability and capacity. We realize severs solutions for both small companies and for companies with great numbers of users and big data volume where is needed to fragmentate servers application between several servers. We are able to suggest, deliver, realize a solution and provide consequential support and administration.

Data backup and archiving

Difference between backuping and archiving is that at backuping is creating data copies which stay in the same place while copy transfers data do other location. This process is carried out especially from security reason – for possible data recovery in case of primary data storage failure. By contrast to archieving data copy doesn´t create but data are displaced to other type of data storage with lower operation costs. Our company offer precise analysis environment, detection of your needs, proposal of solution, pilot installation and testing run.

Optimalization and virtualization

Each going and growing business solves problem with growth of numbers of servers which companies need to keep of their run and to keep application run necessary for companies run. Over time the growth disproportionately the costs for maintenance in section of human resources also in financial section. By means of server virtualization is possible to have on one real server several more others virtual servers. In this case we can expect decreasing of costs for new equipment purchase and for maintenance of large system. Our company offer you complete portfolio of services in virtualization area.